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Ischgl – an Alpine lifestyle-Mecca for winter athletes

A village of 1500 souls; multi award-winning; much acclaimed - the Silvretta Arena, with 238 kilometres of pistes is today one of the most popular winter hot spots in Austria, indeed in the world. It’s no accident that this Tyrolean ski area is held in high regard internationally.

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Ischgl provides many superlatives

One of the biggest interconnected ski areas in Tyrol, a lot of excellent winter offers. Allure and unforgettable surprises are the result – this skiing Mecca in the Alps is in top form for its guests every winter. From skiing in the Silvretta-Arena to concerts with global stars in the middle of the ski area, through to entertainment, shopping and top culinary performances – the famed Ischgl winter exhilarates with its exuberant holiday style – it is not for nothing that the saying here goes:

Relax if you can...

  • Snow-assured from the end of November until the start of May
  • An ambitious range of pistes on offer – for every ability level
  • Huge fun parks such as the PlayStation® Vita Ischgl Snowpark 
  • Hardly any waiting times thanks to the state-of-the-art lift and cable car systems
  • Open-air concerts with global stars
  • GPS positions on the piste map for iPhone and Android

Ischgl – a dream for children in winter

A family holiday in the Tyrol Alps starts in Ischgl ski school
What if your offspring want to try their first turns in the snow and stand on their own two feet; if they want to ski through the paradise of snow in Tyrol without their parents, yet supervised, and still want to have a lot of fun while learning?

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Then with ‘Schneesport-Akademie’, the ski school in Ischgl, their needs are ideally catered for. The renowned ski school in Austria provides perfect supervision for children of any age – from the littlest tots through to teenagers. Meanwhile parents can arrange their own day’s skiing without any worry.

  • The littlest ‘Bambini’, aged between three and five, are very well looked after in the ski kindergarten in Ischgl ski school. In the adventure course – which is located right next to the collection point on the Idalp - they learn about how much fun it is to ski. Children are welcome from Sunday to Friday. Advance registration is not required.
  • There are four different ability levels for the children’s courses in Ischgl ski school. They begin on Sunday or Monday and last 5 or 6 days – those who are already at an advanced level can also take part on a daily basis. If desired, your little ones can also be supervised at lunch time and be provided with a meal (7 € per day). Children get to show off everything they’ve learned at the final ski race and the big prize presentation, held weekly.
  • Teenagers have also been considered – ultimately the ‘older’ children want to be among their own kind. In the youth club at the ski school they get to choose between a varied and exciting programme of events and can, for instance, test out the latest fun snow equipment like the Skifox and snowblades with instruction from guides. The beginner’s course is on Sunday or Monday, while those at an advanced level can book a course daily between Sunday and Friday.

Skiing recommendations Ischgl

Fancy something completely different? Then these pistes are what you’re looking for!
…In Ischgl new, unknown and gratifying small pistes away from the hustle and bustle are not difficult to find.
In the Silvretta Arena ski area there are a diverse bunch of fantastic, secluded stretches and scenic gems which feature among the most interesting ski runs recommended in Tyrol. Here are our ultimate skiing tips:

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Piste No. 5 west run and No. 4: north run

Both pistes run from the Pardatschgrat direct to the intermediate station for the Pardatschgratbahn and are very well suited for doing reps. The runs are pretty much ideal in the afternoon, when only a few skiers come up from the valley on the Pardatschgratbahn A2. Piste No. 4 in particular is recommended for assiduous winter athletes. Incidentally, with each circuit skiers amass some 735 metres altitude. Both these ski runs are also suitable for late afternoon descents into the valley.

Piste No. 3 Stöckabfahrt

When all guests want to head into the valley late in the afternoon this piste helps you dodge the throngs. The easiest way to access the piste is via ski run number 2 from Idalp and from Höllboden. This ski run tackles over 500 metres of climbing and is 5 km in length.

Piste No. 2b Nachtweide

All those skiers who aren’t so proficient, and families with children who are new to skiing, should feel absolutely tip-top on these slopes when they take the Nachtweidebahn.

Piste No. 7 Velilltal

Our genuine insider tip – anyone who passes through here will be amazed, even if they don’t linger. Ultimately the Velliltal ski run is one of the most beautiful pistes in Tyrol in terms of scenery. Those of you who want to find a secluded valley should make use of the Gratbahn B8 or B1. Past the Velillalp there is a wonderful view to the Madlein mountain massif. The 2-seater chairlift, the Velilleck heads to the Pardatschgratbahn A2 intermediate station und then back to the Pardatschgrat again.

Fun parks

‘A good park is continually updated. Ischgl is re-designed from December to April! Simply world class.’
Freestyle in the Tyrol Alps - Into a Mecca of rails, half-pipes and quarter pipes!

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Silvretta Arena in Austria and Switzerland welcomes its freestyle fans with two snow parks. The PlayStation® Vita Ischgl Snowpark is the biggest inter-connected freestyle paradise in the Alps in Ischgl.

While in Samnaun the Obstacle Freestyle Board Park attracts fans from all over the world.

PlayStation® Vita Ischgl Snowpark

Definitively one of the best Fun Parks in the Tyrol Alps. Possibly the longest Snow Park in the Alps for boarders & free-skiers is divided into the upper Vellil and the lower Idalp area and comprises three areas:

King-size park
In the king-size park pros from all over the world show what world class is in the freestyle area – the ultimate paradise. They come to Ischgl from all over the world for that bit extra.

Public park
In the Public park anyone who thinks they have what it takes can use the countless kickers, ramps and rails to conquer their ultimate adventures.

Beginner's park
Those who prefer to feel their way around slowly can get their first adrenaline kick in the Beginner’s park

Obstacle Park Samnaun

Though these facilities are not quite as extensive as the Vita Ischgl Snowpark, you can still put your ability to the test here.

Samnauns Obstacle Freestyle Board Park:
Switzerland’s answer to its bigger brother in Tyrol, attracting action fans who are looking for an adrenaline kick! Ultimately it is specially designed for expert snowboarders and provides freestyling fun at the very highest level.

The Obstacle Park is situated to the west of Alp Trider Eck-Lift and is a pure obstacle park. Throughout the terrain very different obstacles are built into the snow, including barrels. This means that each obstacle presents a new challenge.

Ski courses Tyrol

Ischgl’s ski school is not just one of the most tradition-rich schools in the Tyrol Alps and in the whole of Austria. In this fantastic ski area the Schneesport Akademie also ensures that young and old really have a great time skiing. Whether on a snowboard, on Alpine skis, on telemarkers or on cross-country skis – on the piste, in the pipe or out on the terrain. More than 100 fully trained and qualified snow sport instructors show from the very beginning that it’s all about one thing – having fun!

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"I would have loved to have taken my Ischgl ski instructor home with me", Pink

Learn in a fun way, quickly, safely and without any worries.

This means that everyone will find a suitable course in Ischgl‘s ski school – whether they are a three year-old new to the sport and having their first go, teenagers who want to head off into the terrain, or those getting back into the sport from an extended break; or those who are real experts with ambitions in racing, for whom the latest equipment just can’t go fast enough.

During individual training sessions those who want to get further can perfect their knowledge and avail of the undivided attention of a ski instructor. The best way to learn new techniques quickly and eliminate errors. 

One special offer provided by ski school Ischgl are the ‘No-Handicap-courses’ from Schneesport Akademie in Ischgl. These include courses for visually-impaired guests who enjoy comprehensive supervision, which means that a ski instructor collects course participants who have an impairment, from the hotel. People with disabilities also have the opportunity to learn how to ski and snowboard in Ischgl.

Special courses also comprise superb opportunities such as deep snow and firn snow trails training, learning classic ‘Telemark’ technique, accompanied freeriding, ski tours and even going on snow-shoe hikes.

Nowhere else can you experience perfect winter sports fun than in the Schneesportakademie in Ischgl in Tyrol!

The comprehensive range of ski courses in Ischgl includes:

  • Skiing-private lessons
  • Skiing- adult lessons
  • Snowboarding lessons
  • Skiing and snowboarding children’s lessons
  • Skiing and snowboarding lessons for teenagers
  • Skiing and snowboarding – special lessons
  • No-Handicap lessons

The night-time toboggan run in Ischgl

With seven kilometres of tobogganing on offer and at 950 meters altitude this is one of the longest routes in the Alps. The brightly illuminated route on Ischgl’s night-time toboggan run from the mountain station for the the Silvrettabahn welcome guests from 7:00 p.m. From around mid-December until around the start of April it is open every Monday and Thursday when the weather is suitable.

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Those who dash around under the stars, cornering your machine by shifting your weight and vigorously using your heels, braking quickly before then picking up speed, realise that tobogganing takes strength. And if you find your old sled too cumbersome or inflexible you should hire one of the sleek, optimum weight racing machines Silvretta Sports. This means that nothing stands in the way of a genuine speed highlight in Ischgl. 

Cross-country skiing - classic or skating - in the Tyrolean alps

Whether for fitness and training, or to recover and switch off – Ischgl’s slopes and skating routes manage to keep winter athletes busy away from the pistes, for days on end ...

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Cross-country skiing in Ischgl in Tyrol can mean many things:

Peaceful circuits keeping a steady rhythm, gently gliding and breathing in the mountain air deeply and evenly. However, it can also mean a very special, calorie-incinerating endurance sport. No matter if you are doing some gentle or challenging cross-country skiing on one of the lovely slopes in Ischgl, one thing’s for sure - fitness and coordination are developed in equal measure, as are all the muscles in your body. And this is precisely how you can do your body a lot of good.

All the variants and routes for cross-country skiers through the wintry landscape of the Paznaun region range from between 1377 and 2036 metres altitude, some even extend into the neighbouring region of Vorarlberg. And of course in addition to the classic slope track, there is also a wider area for skating, the faster and more intense variant of cross-country skiing.


Ischgl also offers a winter hiking route especially for moments of tranquillity. Ideal for treating yourself to a break from the daily grind, to let your thoughts run free and to relax. The unhurried walking pace and Ischgl’s contemplative natural surroundings are also stimulating, superbly enshrouded in this white splendour.

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All winter tours around Ischgl in Tyrol, around Mathon, Mutta or to Paznauner Thaya, to Heidelberger Hütte or the Smuggler’s Tour in Switzerland are prepared, clearly signposted and marked out, which means everyone will be able to get their bearings in Tyrol’s winter white surroundings.

Ice-skating in Ischgl

Ice-skating is as much a part of winter as snow
Anyone who is lucky enough to skate under the open sky as you can do in Ischgl – whether it is in the warm winter sun or very romantic under the starry night sky – will enjoy their circuits on the ice twice as much. It’s very easy to find Ischgl’s ice-skating rink - the natural skating rink is located directly behind the Silvretta cable car, 1 minute from the town centre in Ischgl.

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When you first put your skates on, childhood memories flood back, and any initial chuckles grow into smiles of happiness. Ice-skating gives you a feeling of effortless ease and simply has that untroubled childlike aspect of freedom. This elegant sport is a superb alternative to skiing and snowboarding. Skating is of course especially fun with a partner, romantic even – especially when you want a bit of exercise. It is not for nothing that some of great key scenes in film have been set on the ice– from a fleeting flirt to the first kiss, anything is possible. So why not turn the ice-skating rink in Ischgl into a flirting arena!  

It is a special event when children in particular take their first steps on to the ice. Those of you who would like to show your little ones unforgettable winter fun in Tyrol, can look forward to their first successful endeavours all the more, since children under the age of 6 get to skate for free.

Ice-hockey & Curling

For those who want to meet up with friends to enjoy a speedy session of ice hockey or have a first attempt using the puck and stick – this is also available in Ischgl.

Incidentally, you can also have a go at curling in the ice-rink. In convivial, entertaining rounds the curling stone is hurled, with a great deal of sensitivity and accuracy, across a surface as smooth as glass on four curling lanes. Afterwards to warm up and celebrate victories head to the bars and pubs in this Tyrolean skiing metropolis.

Practical details:
Skates, curling stone and hockey equipment such as shoes, sticks and puck are available to hire on site – so there’s no excuse to stay away from the ice rink …!

Ski tours in Ischgl

Into safe and secluded adventures
Get everywhere with skis and pelts; conquer secluded summits; enjoy the tranquillity and from up there eventually head down to distant valleys – that is skiing heaven on earth.
This is perhaps the most traditional form of skiing – conquering the mountain on foot, with skis and pelts. Getting to the bottom it’s then total pleasure when you magic up your own tracks in the deep snow.

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Ski tours in Ischgl in Tyrol are an absolute must for mountain fans and for people who like to feel what the Alpine winter is like up close, on the well-trodden trails and lively pistes.

There are a full 74 three-thousand metre mountains in the mountain chains in the Central Alps and Eastern Alps. Their rock massifs in Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Graubünden are among the most spectacular in the Alps. The ski tour season lasts from November through to May.

Guided Mountain Tours in Tyrol

For those of you who want to experience the fantastic high Alpine landscape, cosy Alpine lodges are available for overnight stays when you are on long excursions away from the pistes. This makes a one-day ski tour in the Paznaun region a unique experience which can be extended without any trouble. There are endless opportunities available for you to push yourself and your body to the limit and in so doing always staying in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Those who are good at the sport, yet nonetheless prefer safety in numbers, or those who want to learn the technique of climbing in pelts or who just want to try it, are best to place their trust in Ischgl’s mountain guides. The experienced experts know the local mountains inside out, and will ensure you are safe during mountain tours; they also provide interested individuals with in-depth information. Local experts also plan tours together with their clients and ultimately take them to the most wonderful places around Ischgl.   When you book a mountain guide you can also hire the requisite safety equipment – avalanche search device, shovel, probe etc.

Incidentally, on the mountain you have to trust a person 100 percent and behave professionally – a challenge for body and soul which will provide exceptional enrichment for every participant.